Admission Instructions & Terms

  1. We don't accept admissions after the deadline which is written in our online news bar (find it in the upper news row)
  2. Admission form should be fully filled in English Language.
  3. The phone number should be the same as the What's App number.
  4. After submission, You shall send the admission fees within one day of your submission, otherwise your admission form will be canceled.
  5. If the student has a known special need (dyslexia, autism, lack of interest in writing or listening, slow learner etc) details of the case should be mentioned while applying for admission.
  6. Monthly fees are payable even during a leave of absence of the student.
  7. Monthly fees should be paid during the first 4 sessions of each month
  8. The sessions month is calculated according to the number of sessions not calendar based..
  9. Support your child to do self-study and homework (but don't do the homework for him).